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Steve Sutton

​You know that thing where you really feel like drawing/painting/creating something but when you do its ‘not very good’ so you stop and don’t do it again.


Steve has been doing that off and on since he was a kid. When he was nine, he once used nearly all of a schoolfriend’s paint trying to get the perfect deep sea green. He made the colour and the teacher was excited – but all his friend saw was red!

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My Story

Over the last few years he's made concerted effort to learn watercolour to express that creative urge and with lots of practice, every now and then, the outcome is ‘not too bad’.


One of the main benefits of learning to ‘art’ is a shift in the way you look at the world. You notice a feedback where the play of light and colour in the world gives joy and inspiration for the watercolour where the natural forces that shape the world bleed and blend colour and light on the paper. Somewhere in all that is a beautiful deep sea green!

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