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Put some art in your heart …

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

The benefits to introducing children to Art!

Child enjoying Art Class
Benefits of children having fun with Art

While many parents may consider art as a hobby for children, introducing art experiences can be complimentary to a child’s early education. Art helps support self-directed play in children, providing opportunities for exploration and experimentation that are enjoyable and educational.

All children are artists. Provide opportunities to nurture their creativity.

child's drawing of their family
All Children are artists

Art provides children with opportunities to express their creativity, Art encourages children to learn incidentally about the different colours, shapes, and textures.

Arts can further support numeracy development through teaching experiences about basic counting and measuring in fun ways. When children share and describe their artworks and the story about their art, they develop and express their language skills.

Children painting
Give a child the gift of time, space and tools to express their inner art!

Give a child the gift of time, space and tools to express their inner art!

Child painting of the beach
All children are artists. Provide opportunities to nurture their creativity.

Give them paints, pencils, paper and permission.

Paints, crayons, paper
Give them paints, pencils, paper and permission.

Children learn to express their ideas and imagination through art. Art encourages children to experiment with a variety material and use techniques to bring their ideas to life.

Holding a brush and painting on a canvas helps develop your child’s fine motor skills. Creative experiences help boost children’s self-confidence and decision-making skills.

How can I get started?

Create an area in your home where your child can have access to art materials, paper, pencils, crayons, paint, and craft materials.

If your child needs a little inspiration, encourage creativity through their experiences, feelings, dreams, and favourite things.

Speak with your children about their art. Encourage them to describe their painting, never criticize, be supportive and listen with curiosity.

Paints and paint brushes
Create a place for your child to access paints, crayons, and craft maetrials

Kids Painting Materials Check List!

This materials check list is designed for kids, not for advanced artist. These 7 materials must have checklist is my solution to helping children practice painting with ease.

Paints: Use kid safe non-toxic paint only.

Smock: To protect clothes from paint stains. Hack: Show kids how to use a smock to wipe painted hands off on, this helps kids from spreading paint messes around the room. This keeps them from getting up and down to wash hands.

Palette: A place to hold paint, and mix colours.

Hack: Using a palette will help not waste paint, the wells built-in help you pour small portions at a time. When pouring paint on a large surface, it is easy to over pour and waste paint.

Paintbrushes: Have one large, medium, and small on hand. Tip: Large paintbrushes are great for backgrounds and wide areas; medium paintbrushes can be used for basic brushstrokes and a small paintbrush can help paint small details.

Wash Jar: For cleaning paint off paintbrushes and changing colours in between brushstrokes. Hack: Use a wide bottom jar to avoid spills. It is easy for kids to spill when the bottom is narrower than the top. A wide bottom has been a blessing from keeping common spills from happening.

Napkins: For drying paintbrushes, keep tucked under water jar. Tip: Only use napkins for paintbrushes. Explain to kids the napkin stays under the water jar and is not for hands, or cleaning messes up. This ensures paint from spreading around. Once done painting, they go right into the trash.

Baby Wipes: For wiping hands after painting session Hack: Only pass out baby wipes to children at the end of their painting session. Baby wipes can remove all types of paints off skin, even acrylic. Again, remind students during painting to use their smock for keeping hands tidy, using a wipe signal that they are done with painting.

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